Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ek het 'n "nuwe" oud BMW gekoop

Finally got a decent car... as you all know I'm a BMW fanatic so when I saw this BMW 730i for sale at a bargain price, I decided to go for it.

I make up for it by selling my Hyosung at some point in the next two months.

For the technically inclined it has an M30B30 Inline-6 BMW engine, cylinder displacement is 3.0L. Automatic "lazy man" transmission. Total weight of car is 1725 kg which was quite a bit more than I thought!!

It has a few small things that I'm going to look at immidiately. The fuel gauge is dead, which is typical for all these cars anyway. The brakes are warped, so I might replace the front brake discs, but that's only about R200 each and since I'm going to do all repairs and maintenance myself I can save what I waste in fuel costs. It should use about 1 liter per 10 km.

Part of the motivation for buying this car is to have something for visitors whenever they may come.. I hope they will enjoy the smooth ride! The trunk (or "boot" for the anglophiles) is huge, you could probably fit 4 autofil-larsens in there...but then he's a very small fellow. :)

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sunda said...

hei,kjempeflott at du kjøpte deg bil, gleder oss til å sitte på i sommer og høst