Sunday, August 19, 2007

Just some more riding

Western Cape has probably the best motorcycle roads in the entire country, and fortunately it's all very close to Stellenbosch.

This sunday had beautiful weather, nice temperature and little traffic so we figured that a sunday ride would be in order (also called a "breakfast run" among riders).

I went out riding with Rudi (a friend I know from my motorcycle dealership) and some others. We went through Helshoogte (long sweeps), Franschhoek pass (tight bends and kneesliding, although watch out for the baboons!).

This one BP petrol station we stopped at had so many surveillance cameras that it was ridiculous. The ones in this photo are just a few of them, I think there's at least 30 cameras there. Too much money? ;-)

Here's Rudi with his 2007 ZX6R:

I rode that bike from Franschhoek back to Stellenbosch. It's quite a powerful bike (599cc fuel-injected inline-4 producing 131 horsepower...) The brakes have an incredible bite and only two fingers are necessary. Suspension is very stiff but very effective.

My only objection is that it feels less comfortable than the previous models of ZX6R and also the lack of torque. I'm not sure how long you can be on this bike before your wrists and back starts to ache. Nonetheless, it's a true sportsbike with great potential. Rudi's friend Tinny (left in first pic) rides an older ZX7R, it's heavier but I think that'd be a more suitable bike for me since I'm quite tall.

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√łyg said...

i was really close to driving a car yesterday. but i didn't.