Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another motorcycle trip in the Western Cape

On saturday I went past gordon's bay and about 270 km into nowhere. I shot a few photographs along the way.

The roads in the western cape are fun.. lots of nice curves suitable for nice lean angles:

Gordon's Bay is a really nice place with beaches (including the famous one called Bikini Beach):

A lot of rich people seem to be living in Gordon's Bay, and houses like these are very common:

Such an odd place to park a bike...:

I look a bit tired in this picture... after many hours of riding :-)


Øyg said...

well, house or fortress: seems synonymous when you're rich enough. nice pictures, though!

Odd-Even said...

Yes quite an odd place to park a bike :) But an odd place is better than an even place, even if the odds are that the even place is safer. One should live on the edge! Especially if it's in odd surroundings, like Western Cape.

Torbjorn said...

øygunn.. good point :-)

Sometimes I've wondered what the life of a door-to-door salesman is like here. I mean.. there's usually no doorbell at all, just a fortress or a huge wall you need to get through before you get to the door..

and ingvild your logic is excellent. Odd places rule!

Plingvild said...

Well I may have to reconsider how odd a place needs to be... Just returned from Slovakia - East Block Heaven! 247 kinds of sausages for breakfast, nothing works and lots of pondwater. I am sooo glad to be home. Love your pics, but am glad I'm not doing the cleaning in that house :-)

kris said...

haha. eg leser andre kommentaren og tenker, herregud, kem e det som skriver noe sånt? så tenkte eg, uten å være klar over kem som skrev det, så tenkte eg, det høres ut som noe ingvild kunne funnet på og si. så leser eg videre, og oppdager at det faktisk var det. og videre til en typisk øygunn ting og si. hehehe. dåkkar e no noe for dåkkar sjøl :P

Arne said...

Hehe! Det var jo jeg som skrev den andre kommentaren :)

Torbjorn said...

liksom :P

kris said...

det bekrefter jo bare poenget mitt. hehe. litt vaffal. det va vaffal en skodvin :P